GENTILE CATONE is a brand created by designers Francesco Gentile and Chiara Catone. A couple in real life, they act as a positive source of motivation for each other – their partnership acting as a catalyst for invention and ideas. Influenced by a fascinating combination of personal intuition and traditional Italian savoir-faire, they launched their line in September 2017 and have demonstrated their dedication and commitment to beauty and fashion ever since.
In GENTILE CATONE, every collection is sparked from a story that unveils the eclectic, precious, and flamboyant universe in which we exist – ethereal and sparkling – that is represented in every article of clothing. A kaleidoscope of delicate inspiration and futuristic vision, shared experiences and memories, GENTILE CATONE creates sophisticated patterns, shaping its very own complex world, in which nostalgic taste, contemporary excitement, and daring romanticism find their discordant harmony.
High-quality fabrics, precious details, sophisticated finishing touches, and the boundless exploration of combining shapes and prints are the hallmark of GENTILE CATONE. Each piece represents a woman with effortless elegance and innocent confidence, who embodies multiple identities and does not want to be stereotyped. GENTILE CATONE throws tradition on its head, making fashion a way of feeling authentic, and that very authenticity is the ultimate way to charm.