Inspired by strong colors and shapes, the collection incorporates the traditional pieces with a fresh and upgraded style, a capsule brought by the cooperation between Bettini and The Hive. With prime natural yarns and fibers, Bettini creates a new mood for the bold woman and men who accessorizes with modernity and elegance.

Raffaello Bettini has been since 1938 an Italian excellence in the craftsmanship of the hat.
Our family hat business history spans through more than a century.
Giovanni Papini, now head of the company, is the guardian of the industrial heritage dating back to the Oreste Cinelli hat factory, founded in 1886 in Signa and which soon became one of the largest Tuscan and Italian straw hat manufacturers.

Raffaello Bettini – Giovanni’s grandfather and a nephew of Oreste – a pioneer who opened a branch office of the Cinelli’s firm in Puerto Rico as far back as 1932, and who created the business which bears his name in 1938. Raffaello was later joined by his daughter Giovanna, who will meet in the factory the man who will shortly after become her husband, Primo Papini, Raffaello’s partner since the dawn of the activity.
After so many years, the company is now a genuinely successful business, in which the intense work of exporting the products to the main foreign markets including NorthAmerica via The Hive Showroom, goes hand in hand with the introduction of a winter line of hand-made berrets and scarves, the launch of a line of hats and ladies accessories under the “Raffaello Bettini” label.