QL2 is the brand of two lifelong friends and partners known as “those two,” or quelle due. By joining forces and putting together their experiences, managerial background, and creativity, they create collections that fully mirror their concept of luxury as something discrete and timeless.

Playing with the feminine/masculine dichotomy, QL2 reinvents pants and other wardrobe essentials granting a unique and natural elegance. Through these classic pieces that emphasize a woman’s uniqueness, they have become an ambassador and emblem of the contemporary female.

100% Made in Italy craftsmanship and refined materials of the most precious quality, QL2 expresses the utmost respect for the environment and for man.

Spring/Summer 2024 : Immemorial Beauty

The new collection mirrors timeless beauty with masterfully crafted staples, precious details and a simple yet refined femininity. Through modern shapes and tones, QL2’s SS24 collection is a curated re-edition of the classics with a touch of innovation and creativity. With the pairing of delicate macramé tops and smartly tailored pants, QL2 redefines the classic suit and an unconventional vision of craftsmanship and aesthetic balance comes to life. The array of textiles are masterfully crafted into the collection’s perfectly fitting blazers and carefully cut pants. From women to women: this is QL2.