Entirely Made In Italy, Sara Roka is known for novel, eye-catching shirtdresses. Inspired by life, people, and the environment around her, Sara Roka created a brand that brings her visions to life.

Some of the greatest moments in feminine fashion and style history happened when women borrowed items from the wardrobe of their significant others. Sara Roka took up the challenge to transform the traditional man’s shirt into a fresh, feminine, and modern must-have, making it the perfect canvas for accessories and one woman’s personality to show through.

The luxurious cotton fabrics available in Italy, such as poplin & oxford, the elegant trims and details, and exceptional craftsmanship naturally led Sara Roka to creatively design collections consisting of innovative & sexy blouses, dresses, and tops, while maintaining the essence of the timeless men’s tailored shirt. The dresses are designed to be worn with her signature wrap belts or alone for a more relaxed look.

Spring/Summer 2024 : Into The Deep

Sara Roka’s new collection explores a journey through light fabrics and vibrant colors where elegance meets the boldness of the season. An ode to freshness and timelessness with a palette of exquisite colors and textures redefines the notion of comfort and sophistication. The rigor of men’s styles contrasts with the refined feminine shapes and cuts, inspired by the fifties, that are so distinctive of the brand’s DNA. A palette of exquisite colors and textures, striking prints and patterns, and bold stripes come together to create pieces that capture the essence of the season.